Elegant Ceramic Vessels

Greg Payce’s is a Canadian ceramicist who created an alluring arrangement of sculptures called Alumina. It’s this wonderful scene where seven ornate vases stand queuing on a concrete platform. Maybe it would take an observant eye and you really have to read between the line in order to appreciate Payce’s mesmerizing art, especially when looking between vases.

Those vases are arranged in such a way that they show a graceful, alternating pattern of slender and bulbous forms that together, bring his work alive.

In order to make the Alumina present its magical scene which comes from the optical illusion that it produces, Payce has made a 3D representation of Rubin’s vase, in which a figurative image is revealed through the edges of two shapes.

Here, the silhouettes of six female portraits are produced by the negative space between the vessels which then carry a whole other feature to the work.