100 Cute Faces For 100 Straight Days

For a bunch of you who adore felt faces, it’s most likely that this felt artist can make your day when you browse the awesome collections here. There is this felt artist by the name of Becky Margraf who creatively makes one hundred felt faces for one hundred consecutive days. Becky Margraf is a San Francisco based felt artist who is behind this army of adorable Felt Faces.

Becky can finish her 100 days project is an awesome way in order to get good result. For 100 consecutive days, Becky was felting these cuties of all kinds, ranging from animals to foods and even some pop culture characters like Finn and Jake from the Adventure Time.

Actually she found that felting was exactly like struggling at something, with the hardest part being actually going through it. But she believes that if you do that, there will definitely be some awesome results waiting for you at the end. A living proof of that is Becky herself who finally can produce  those adorable Felt Faces.

If you plan to purchase some of Becky’s collection which mean her final collection since she already has 100 members waiting to make purchase also. You can either purchase through her Etsy page or go visit her studio. Make sure you are quick to snatch one for yourself before it’s too late. They are disappearing fast.

Source: Bored PandaBecky MargrafInstagram, Etsy