Recycled Books Beautifully Carved into Lifelike Sculptures

What is so awesome about Long-bin Chen‘s sculptures is that they are not only beautiful, but also mislead people to think that they are made of stone or marble, but in fact, those unique busts are actually carved from recycled paper.


Although Chen is well-known as a New York-based artist, he’s actually born and raised in Taiwan. In his latest creations, Chen uses discarded materials like books and magazines to meticulously crafts the heads of world-renown characters from the East and the West, like ancient Greek philosophers, Japanese warriors, or other great thinkers of the past and even Buddha.


It will have special meaning for Chen to use recycled paper or discarded print material, serving as a reflection of the waste or loss of books as aesthetic objects as well as never ending human consumption on such paper.

Artist Long Bin Chen

As he mentioned in his artist statement, “In my artwork I always use printed matter—discarded books, magazines, and computer printouts; the cultural debris of our information society.