Ron Mueck’s Sculptures Capture Human Likeliness of Realism

You won’t believe your eyes as you enter the domain of this creative London-based sculptor, Ron Mueck. You would feel as if you were in another world as you could witness his work which captures total human likeliness to a degree of realism. In order to get this magnificent result, Mueck is using a variety of materials like silicone, fiberglass and resin.

The scale of his sculptures is what Mueck loves playing with.

Back in 2006, at the National Galleries of Scotland, there was a spectator standing next to his sculpture which he called “Wild Man”. It’s like she took something from a bottle that said “Drink Me” and shrunk.


Mueck is a London based photo realist/hyperrealism artist, born in Melbourne in 1958. After a while, Mueck concluded that photography pretty much destroys the physical “presence” of the original object” (Artmoulds Sculpture Studio, 2001) and he turned to fine art and sculpture. He was once labored on the sets of children’s TV shows before moving into the field of special effects, where he worked on the 1986 David Bowie film, The Labyrinth.

Actually Mueck used to be a model maker and puppeteer for TV and movies. And so far, he has been creating hyperrealistic sculptures for decades. So as you step in his very place, you could certainly feel like you are standing in “The House Of Wax” or the movie that inspired the series, “West world”.


It would surely be an understatement to call his sculptures life-like.  It’s only normal when viewer got flabbergasted seeing his piece. Just observe the sculpture from the hair on its chest to the bushy long beard to the long creepy stare, this certainly will make your very jaw drop and say nothing but being shocked.

Being gawked at by a bunch of schoolgirls this “Wild Man” feels nothing but proud

In 2010, the nude art piece was on display at the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne leaving a bunch of schoolgirls gawked at his piece.


As you see this giant newborn baby sculpture, beauty is really in this eye of the beholder.

Mueck has made sure he paid attention to unlimited details, even the umbilical cord hanging on the baby’s belly button. Mueck seems to have spent his whole life to painstakingly study any details of this sculpture called “A Girl” at the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne in 2010.


This amazingly awesome but creepy art is hard not to be mesmerized by it.

His work will surely make most spectators agree to say that this is the most extremely thought provoking sculpture.


Source: Life Buzz, Ron Mueckfacebook