11 Different Watercolor Blues in My Case

Hi, everyone. My name is Gemma Capdevila Vinaja. I was born in Barcelona 1988. Please check out my collections, here. Really hope you enjoy them.


Actually, I took a higher degree in illustration at School Llotja in 2009. And then, I went to Children and Youth Publications Graduate School Tool in Barcelona in 2011. After that, I received Fine Art degree from the University of Barcelona in 2015.


I usually paint using watercolor paint.

My favorite color is blue.


When I paint, I like to imagine what happens in the forest when nobody is looking, what is hidden by tonnes of water under the sea, what mermaids sing when they are alone…

Source: Bored Panda, Gemma Capdevila Vinaja, website

More info: gemmacapdevila.cat