Paper Installation; You’re Walking Inside a 3D Painting

Jacob Hashimoto is a paper artist who came up with his series of Gas Giant where he combines painting and traditional kite making technique into sculptural environment. This may be the closest you’ll ever come to stepping inside a painting.  


Hashimoto’s first solo exhibition was in California and after that he continued showing his paper art in Chicago in 2012 and in Venice, Italy in 2013. And just recently he had his Gas Giant show at the MOCA Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles until June 8 where he exhibited his massive installation which consists of thousands of thin paper sheets hanging beautifully in mid-air.


The Los Angeles Times had a very positive reaction to such sculpture and they even likened it to the weather. They said the weather like it’s like all around us and bigger than everyone.


Maybe is not an exaggeration if someone could only use three words to describe this installation, they are like awe-inspiring, ethereal and majestic.


Some say, “Gas Giant begins right inside the front door, meanders into a first-floor gallery and then picks up momentum as it drifts up a wide stairway to the towering second-floor gallery, where it blossoms to fill the enormous space with an explosion of beautifully composed forms.”