Halloween-Themed Miniatures

Hi there! Shawnalee Anderton is my name. Well, I’m a nature lover, an artist and a mom at the same time. And about a year ago, I already made a commitment to routinely create daily drawings. And I believe that it’s not only my drawings that should be interesting but its size and title should also be easy to remember. That’s why I always begin each title with “I am ….” and they measure about 2″ square.

Actually, up to now, my inspiration came from either daily personal experiences and some thoughts or news. And I usually spend about 1-3 hours to complete each of my drawing since I really want to match my drawings with those of my personal experience.

As an artist and a mother. I feed my soul with my drawings, spending time in the outdoors of the Pacific Northwest and family meals. But since last October, I have decided to challenge myself to be able to insert a Halloween theme into each of my drawing. To tell you the truth, I am really excited about this one year project.

When I can already complete something tangible every day, I feel that it has been incredibly rewarding because as a mother, I think being able to come up with such a wonderful and creative piece is truly marvelous. Now I believe that this is maybe one thing that other moms can relate to.