15 Years Old Starts Global Movement Art

Who says that teenagers are care less about the global current issue? Loizza Aquino, a Canadian school girl has proven that it is not entirely true.

MariaG, 14, wants an end to human traffickingkids-art-global-movement-01

“I decided to illustrate selling through the girl’s dress – by drawing it as a bar code. The girl has a price tag choking her neck, not only to show that she is being sold, but to show that she is being trapped. The colours flowing out of her eyes are the light and happiness within her, which are being drained. She is faceless to show that she has no identity or value – and to show that this could be any girl – anyone taken advantage of.”

She build an online art project involving children and teenagers across the globe, who amazingly create not only great art works, but also touchy and full of empaths. Through #kids4action, children and teenagers are able to have a digital gallery for them to interact one another on artworks based on stuff they care about. Each work is explained by a narrative writing. Please enjoy.

Source : Boredpanda.

13-year-old artist DJ2015 wants children to be protected from warkids-art-global-movement-02

“I don’t believe that children should have to go to war if they are under 16. I think this is important. Children should not be forced to fight and risk their lives.”

16-year-old IvyL has something to say about Human Rightskids-art-global-movement-03

“Why is the right to be alive’ on the list of human rights? Shouldn’t that be obvious? There are many kinds of people in the world who have been killed just for being themselves – for belonging to a different culture, for believing in a different religion, for having a different shade of melanin in their skin. Their lives are snipped short just for being born the way they are. The blossoming, vibrant flowers are a metaphor of the diversity of us human beings. We all deserve to grow out our petals and bloom into our own full potential. We all deserve to be alive.“

AmikaA, 12, believes everyone should be loved for who they arekids-art-global-movement-04

“My picture shows a group of people together inside a heart. I drew this to represent love and equality between people”

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