Arts In Petri Dish

Recently, first international contest with titles “agar art” had been present by the American society of microbiologist.

Wax Painting Part 1

1995 was the era where Veri Apriyatno was undergoing his 5th semester of Art Studies at the Faculty of Art and Design, Institute of Technology Bandung, majoring in Fine Arts, Painting Studio. Veri began his creative exploration on wax or paraffin block here.

Hyper Selfie Part 2

Social Meaning In the contemporary art discourse series by Hyper Selfie, it is a parody style, both conceptual and contextual, to the phenomenon of excessive selfie culture happening in contemporary society today.

Hyper Selfie Part 1

Veri Apriyatno has his own period in creating his pieces, meaning that in each period of time, Veri presents them in different theme and style, fulfilling the needs and tastes of his audiences.

Pleasure Pleasure

It is your need, as human being, to fulfill your passion on enjoyable entertainment. From time to time, each form of pleasure and elation continue to grow, and evolving into giant entertainment industry commodity.

Binary Opposition

Black vs white, right vs left, top vs bottom, good vs bad, sweet vs bitter, positive vs negative. They are all opposing one and another.