Alexa Meade Art

Who would have thought that these paintings are actually made out of real objects and real people as the model? This brilliant idea is conveyed by an artist from California, named Alexa Meade.

Josephine Wall – Fantasy Artist

Seeing these images below, you will be blown away into some imaginary world, where fantasy and colorful beauty are easy to find, where your dreams are provoking you to fly away from reality.

Zadok Ben-David Sculpture

An award winning artist, who base in London, Zadok Ben-David, created sculptures like no other artist have carved. He relies on tree branches to form these human body outlines into shape.

Oil Paintings by Sergei Marshennikov

Seeing these paintings below you might almost hard to believe that they all are actually painted by oils. Born in 1971 in Ufa, Bashkiria, USSR, Sergei Marshennikov, who has many outstanding achievements