Project Monsoon

Monsoon is always seen as gloomy and sad season by many parts of the world, as well as South Korea. When it comes to summer, South Korea is a bright and cheerful metropolis city.

Iceberg Mural

A New York painter based in Hawaii created this remarkable floating gallery by his own hand. He calls this project A’o ‘Ana II (The Warning).

Art Festival

Through rice fields, empty houses, forests, and pass through 200 villages in Niigata, Japan, we can see the work of 160 international artists stretched around.


A photographer and artist, Don Creteu inserts modern touch in his classical paintings. The result is hilariously amazing, yet amuse you at the same time.

Tool Tattoos

The tattoos you are about to see below are simply black and white and made out of lines and dots only.

Anamorphic Cube

This work made by Thomas Medicus is something unlike anything we have seen before. This series has Emergence Lab as its title, it contains six hand painted images, all resting inside a transluscent cub.

Beautiful Wolf

This life-like animal sculptures, which sizing not larger than your palm, are actually constructed from nothing but a pipe cleaner. A California-based artist, Lauren Ryan decided to created them without even using glue and only occasionally use scissors.