Tiny Train

This tiny little train is just not only cute, but magnificence as well. The train, which just as the size of a tip of a pencil is not forgetting the details.

Enchanting Dresses

Started sewing when she was just 14 years old, she designed incredible gowns that look like they were taken from a scene in a Disney movie.

Kutani Choemon

Kutani Choemon is an area in Ishikawa, Japan, founded in 1879, known for its traditional ceramics art. The artists here are expert with in the making of tableware and tea ceremony utensils.

Stone Art

Who would have thought that a stiffed and hard stone can be transformed into a delicate work of art like these?

Women’s Everyday Problem Cartoon

Perhaps men would never understand why women are struggling with raging hormon and bugged alot with hair problems. Probably men would think women as one crazy creature who can be bothered with small things such as make up and nail paint.


Having different perspective in seeing the world than most people, a Moscow based artist, Anton Gudim expresses it through these illustrations below.

Erlich Pool

In a glance, nothing very special about this pool, which you can find in a courtyard of Kanazawa, 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art situated in Ishikawa, Japan.

City Rings

If you like to travel around the world, you must have habits to collecting souvenirs from other country, in order for you to bring back the memories you got when you were traveling.

Realistic Portraits

Physical disability and artistic talent are clearly two separate things. Having limitation on your physical appearance will not blocking you from producing some exquisite work of arts like the ones you will see below.