Another Amazing Impersonator

What you see may deceive you. You certainly will do a double take looking at the authenticity of the beautiful Disney Princess. She’s not what you think she is. It is due to the super creativity of makeup artist named Richard Schaefer. He is able to transform himself into Disney princesses so authentically.

Unique Turkish Wooden Backpack Inspired by Nature

If you love wooden products, may be too you will fall in love with this kind of backpack – a uniquely awesome wooden backpack. But to get one, you need to go all the way to Istanbul since the studio making such backpack is in Turkey. There is this woodworking studio called Grav Grav which […]

Fabulous Fashion Illustrations can Mimic Graceful Movement

When  you are able to think out of the box and see the world differently, you’ll surely grow like Edgar Artis. He is one of the many fashion illustrators with unique styles as he can blend common household foods like oreos, string beans, kiwifruits, peanuts or other as dress materials with his fashion sketches to […]

HoKiou Terrarium kind of Jewelry

About HoKiou crafts, he creates tiny orbs that include whimsical panoramas. Interestingly, there myriad subjects underneath the circular glass terrariums, including solitary houses surrounded in picturesque rainbows, spooky bats circling a haunted house, and tranquil snowfall across a wintry scene. These tiny landscapes can be attached to your rings or necklace chains to add some […]

Ceramic Art to Help Safe the Nature

If you are a ceramic enthusiast and also an animal lover, you should check out what Charlotte Mary Pack did. You will witness that her pieces really show concerns about endangered species. As in her collection of No Time for Tea, it was taken from the IUCN Red List of endangered species.

The Unexpected Street Art Festival in Arkansas

In Fort Smith, Arkansas some international artists came up for the unexpected festival for the second year. There were nine artists painting murals, creating indoor installations and casting video projections already curated by Charlotte Dutoit from JUSTKIDS. Their objectives are to bring urban contemporary to northern Arkansas, and they need ten days for the preparations. […]