Surreal Self Portraits in Photo Manipulations

Perhaps you may agree that what Martín De Pasquale does with his Photoshop is very inspirational. Even though we have seen many can do things he does, but there seems to be something interestingly different in his photo creations. May be because we can see some witty, fun and a little mischievous creativity mixed together […]

Alex Rommel’s Spotlight Digital Paintings

In Alex Rommel’s series of magnificent digital landscapes, the artist blurs the lines between reality and nature. Most likely that he imagines the most remarkable moments and then turns to his canvas to start creating those lively, energetic concepts into a visible reality.

Murals of Alice in Wonderland and a 3D Rabbit Hole

Vera Bugatti is an Italian artist and street painter. She recently came to Ireland to take part in the Wicklow Arts Fest 2014. During the event on the weekend, she worked with painter friend Luigi Legno to create her mesmerizing work of 3D painting depicting some characters from Alice in Wonderland movie climbing out of […]

Monochrome Faces for Domed Panthéon

JR is a world famous street artist from France. Recently he just revealed a new installation which is part of his continuing series of Inside Out, meaning inside Paris’ domed Panthéon. Actually the original title is Au Panthéon! where he features hundreds of black and white portraits that cover the floor and the ceiling (the cupola) of […]

Unique Paintings Go Beyond the Canvas

Maki Ohkojima is 27-year-old Japanese artist. She specializes in what she calls to be “the mural beyond the frame.” That makes a lot of sense because what she did was to create sprawling paintings that spilled off the canvas and onto the walls around it.