Stunningly Drawing-like 3D Wire Bird Sculptures

Celia Smith is an artist from the UK. What is so amusing about her creations is that her 3D bird sculptures look just like 2D drawings. It is so true because at first glance, those sculptures’ dynamic contours as well as their gestures resemble the appearance of a natural pen sketch rather than a 3D […]

Large Cities in Apocalyptic Series

Michal Zak is a Berlin-based artist who has imagined if some of the world’s major metropolises were completely ruined. The End of Eternity is his series which conveys the fragility of peace by featuring apocalyptic scenes that showcase a future fictional war.

Kai-Xiang Xhong’s Brilliant Cardboard Sculptures

Kai-Xiang Xhong is 20-year-old Taiwanese student. Actually he has this unique hobby of building astonishingly subtle and realistic works of art from cardboard. Just recently, Xhong used the humble medium cardboard to build a life-size replica of Iron Man looking every bit just like the suit directly from the movies.

Indian Stunning Design of “Rangoli” in Colorful Flour and Rice

Rangoli (kolam or Muggu) is a long-standing folk art in India. Over there such art features special patterns that are created on the floor using materials like dry flour, colored rice and more. Usually during auspicious events like Diwali, Onam, Pongal, and other Indian festivals, they would apply bright designs. Most likely during wedding celebrations too, […]

Everyday Objects Turned into Charming Characters

Gilbert Legrand is originally from France. He adds some whimsicality into common stuffs by turning them into much charming creations. He has finally found people and animals concealed in things like water spigots, tape measures, and even ping-pong paddles for the past 10 years. Legrand could reveal them in his paintings.

When Calligraphy Blends Create Incredibly Striking Art

When Jake Weidmann was still very young, he had a great interest in handwriting. That’s when his mother had a beautiful cursive style, and Jake loved it that much as her letters were fluidly linked together on a page. Even at a very young age, he already knew what he wanted to be as he […]

Mystical Landscape Scenes of Smoke Glass Bottles

Jim Dingilian is an artist who has an unbelievable-yet-contemporary way of making art. Unlike other artists who craft their images with paint or graphite, Dingilian introduces us to an unusual new form of creation as he uses smoke for his medium.