Fallen Leaves for Ethereal Art

​These wonderfully magical and mystical work of art are the creations of these two artists by the name of Kristi Botkoveli (Nancy Woland) and Beka Zaridze. It’s amazing to know that they really got their art skills through self-teaching.

Mesmerizing Animal Jewelry

Hi, there. My name is Ellen Rococo. I am the sculptor behind these artistic animal jewelries. I really hope that my creations can draw you attention. In order to create those ornaments, I needed to gather some materials from various minerals and polymer clay.

Fantastic Origami Animals

These beautiful paper animals are the work of a Madrid-based full time musician Gonzalo Garcia Calvo who happens to have amazing origami skills. He seems to have explored many themes, but it appears that his true passion is animals.

Cherry Blossom Animals

Hi. My name is Calvin T. I am a painter behind these cherry blossoms. Actually, I got inspirations from the nature I live in. If you look at my work, either in my drawing and paintings in the past, and now in my tattoo designs, you may easily find the nature motifs in them. 

Figurines out of Children’s Drawings

My name is Juan Angel Medina. I am from Lisbon. I am the Founder and CEO of Moyupi which produces new kind of dolls. Actually my occupations are an engineer, creator and web designer as well. In Moyupi I created many dolls with exclusive characters, since I really avoid the stereotypes of Disney, Pocoyo or […]

Super Cute and Creepy Dolls

Hi. My name is Oso Polar. I am a Moscow-based doll artist. Actually my real name is Anna Narapenko or Анна Назаренко if spelled in Russian.  I love making dolls and would like to share some of my recent work with you!

Oil Paintings of Fantasy Ships

Modestas Malinauskas is a Lithuanian artist who has fantasies about ethereal cracking ships can freely sail  in the ocean. In his paintings, each ship tells a particular story, only that every single one of them belongs to the similar magical fantasy world.

Nail Designs for Creepy Halloween

PiggieLuv is a 27-year-old Dutch self-taught nail artist behind these mesmerizingly creepy collections of macabre manicures for your nails to welcome Halloween this year. Maybe her name is too cute for all her devilish nail designs. Then, you should check out some her favorite designs as follows.

Best Cat Tattoos Ever

Bored Panda has made a list of the best cat tattoo ideas ever to honor fellow feline lovers. Actually a cat had been a symbol of grace and poise ever since ancient times. Even in ancient Egypt, cat was considered as their goddesses. That’s why we can see pictures of them in every Egyptian work of […]

Mental Illnesses and Disorders for Inktober

Hi there! My name is Shawn Coss. I am a writer, character designer and artist for the Web comic Cyanide and Happiness and all around the dark artist. I decided to go off the usual prompt and focus on mental illnesses and disorders. Check out my creations below.