Beautifully Painted National Gallery’s Staircases

If you happen to be in Warsaw, Poland, try visit Zacheta, its National Art Gallery which is often used for holding art exhibitions in the country. But that’s not it. You should know that the gallery has a bit unique in its appearance since its staircases are painted in rainbow of colors. Just check them […]

Fallen Leaves into World Art

​One day during autumn when this artist couple were walking at the park, as Nancy picked up a leaf scattering there and showed it to Beka, they suddenly knew best what they were about to do with the fallen leaf. They had to create interesting artwork from such leaf. And they really did that. A […]

Egg Love and Fancy Felted Wool Sculptures

Hanna Doyhan is a Ukraine-based creative felted artist who is behind these absolutely adorable food-look sculptures. As her previous creation of ‘Avocado Love’ became quite well known, now that she wants to keep her fashion to continue getting everyone’s attention, she comes up with Egg Love which is really catching our eyes.

Incredible Used Cardboard Like Clay

At a glance you can easily be fooled with these cardboard cups. They appear to be really made of cardboard. Don’t just trust your eyes for that. Look longer and look closely. If you can do that, you will find out that those cups are not what you think they are.

Lithuanian Artist’s Oil Paintings of Fantasy Ships

Modestas Malinauskas is a Lithuanian painter whose work mostly about ethereal and magical fantasy world. This time he would like to show us some of his piece of oil paintings of fantasy ships. Actually his artworks are painted on canvases using a difficult multiple layered oil painting technique.

PiggieLuv’s Creepy Halloween Nails

When Halloween comes, not only ugly and scary costumes which we need to wear but our body parts are also good targets for make ups. This time maybe it’s our nails that need creepy paints covering. Just check out for some ideas you most want.

Japanese Create Incredible Animal Sculptures out of Newspaper Rolls

There is this Japanese artist named Chie Hitotsuyama who can transform used newspapers into completely stunning animal sculptures. If for most of us newspaper only serves reading passages, commercials and ads or job vacancies column, for Chie they mean a whole different purpose. Check out what she did to used newspaper. You like it everyone?

Oddly Satisfying Photos Showing Perfection

Just recently Bored Panda has compiled a list of some satisfying photos showing how people see perfection. Whatever your perception about perfection, you maybe share the same visually satisfying representations as shown here. But there is some possibility too that your understanding of perfection differs greatly from someone else.