Breathtaking Photos of Lighthouses

You may wonder how mariners found their way homes from their sea journey in ancient time when there was no computer to help them navigate to cross the ocean. It was the invention of a construction called lighthouse that has been a universal symbol of marine safety and guidance that had helped the mariners since […]

3D-Prints of Shells of City Shape

Aki Inomata is a Japanese artist who can do anything to create a brilliant architectural art project by making good use of anything and be partnered with hermit crabs. By using a 3D printer he designed a clear plastic shell working as cities to accommodate those hermit crab residents that seem to promptly inhabit such […]

Mystical Bridges to Another World

If you happen to have pictures of beautiful old bridges like these, it’s better if you could share them, since there are many people interested in knowing more about the old bridges. Such ancient bridges can be fully covered with moss and fungus but they are certainly becoming the perfect complement to any rural or […]

Spectacular Murals in the New Market Hall in Rotterdam

If you are originally from Rotterdam, the Netherlands, you must be very proud of this new market hall the city has created. They call it “The enormous Markthal in Rotterdam”. What makes this place so interesting is that it features an enormous mural done by two artists named, Arno Coenen and Iris Roskam. Their work is titled “Cornucopia” […]

This $95-Million Penthouse is 1,396 Feet Above New York

Recently, a breathtaking condo tower designed by Rafael Vinoly will soon be launched to cater the need of apartment buildings for the New Yorkers. It is located in the center of Manhattan exactly at 432 Park Avenue, New York. Actually, it won’t be until next year that the apartment building can welcome its first resident. So, […]

Little Houses for Solitary Soul

Some small comfortable house or cottage situated in the wilderness is now becoming a luxury for some city people who get fed up with all city lives. Actually, living in a city has its perks, but for city-dwellers, they may dream of escaping the city and let their weary souls re-charge by living away from […]

Mesmerizing Mosque Ceilings of Wonderful Islamic Architecture

If you happen to travel to Iran, make an effort to see these beautiful work of art done to mosque’s ceilings. Actually, Iran is one of some countries known for its extraordinary collection of stunning mosques. There, we can witness mesmerizing Islamic writing as well as Islamic architecture. Just check them out here.

Majestic Cathedral out of Living Trees

Instead of competing with or complementing nature, Cattedrale Vegetale (or Tree Cathedral) is built by this Italian artist Giuliano Mauri. With his Cathedral, he makes it as a perfect example of architecture that show the world that a building doesn’t have to be a dry and dead thing. His epic Cathedral became the artist’s two groves […]

World’s Most Majestic Libraries

Due the influx use of e-book and the audio book around the world, conventional libraries are beginning to lose ground and interest as well to those of modern electronic stuffs. But their existence is still very much in demand for those who seek ample of knowledge that can’t be found any where else.