The Coolest Hotels in the World

What makes your travel worthwhile and unforgettable can be because of the beautiful place you visit, the exotic food you eat, the friendly and warm people you see or the hotel you stay in. And what makes the hotel become so worth staying and leave unforgettable experience is surely due to its comfort, facilities, warmth […]

Urban Treehouse from 150 Trees

If you belong to a nature lover living in a city typical apartment building, you’d better learn what this Italian architect did to fix his urban landscape. The Italian architect by the name of Luciano Pia has really a beautiful vision for how people and nature can live together even in a cityscape.

33 Years to Build Epic Palace

If you travel to France, there seems to be an endless story of being amazed with mesmerizing beauty of extraordinary architecture. Some people would say that France is chock-full of palaces, but among those grandeur, there is this one Palais Ideal which really stands out above the rest as a work of art and devotion. Just […]

Tiny Town to Grow Old Together

The story began when the four couples who have been friends for 20 years determined to live closer to each other so that their bonds will not be broken by time or distance. They set to build a tiny town just for them to settle there. They then decided to pick an area very close […]

Sustainable Bamboo Homes in Bali

If you plan to go to Bali, you should not miss visiting this interesting dwelling place called bamboo house. Such house is fully constructed with bamboos as its main building materials. Bamboo is actually a grass plant with a hard hollow stem. It belongs to a grass family Poaceae which is considered the world fastest growing plant mostly […]

Amazingly Terrifying Views of the Sea

Beautiful view is not enough, it should be complemented with terrifying surrounding as well to make our home so striking and inviting. That’s why these two Greek architects, Laertis Antonios Ando Vassiliou and Pantelis Kampouropoulos have come to create a striking house design named “Casa Brutale”. Here they have embedded their luxury home into a […]

4 Years to Grow a Church from Trees

There is something unusual in Brian Cox’s backyard. In this New Zealander’s backyard grows a quite big enchantingly beautiful live-tree church. When you are curious of how much time he spent to grow this tree so that he can make it into a church, it took him 4 years to build up this church. Just […]