DIY the Beauty of a Shimmering Ocean Shore

In a YouTube video, you will learn how an artist starts cutting walnut wood and turns it into one-inch wide and one inch-thick strips. The result of Brown’s DIY is stunning, and he makes it look so easy. Just try doing it yourself, no worry of making mistakes. Peter Brown will teach you how to […]

Fixing Cracked Streets with Gold

You know how to fix the cracked streets everyone? Recently this contemporary artist Rachel Sussman is trying to mend cracks in our urban environment with her series Sidewalk Kintsukuroi. Actually Sussman is inspired by kintsugi or well known as kintsukuroi. This Kintsugi art is actually a Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with gold. And then, […]

Magical Images with Photo Combinations

At first glance, much of his portfolio looks like it’s made up of straightforward photographs, but in fact, this Ukrainian artist Viktoria Solidarnyh just uses Photoshop to create great scenes that simultaneously appear remarkably realistic and straight from a storybook.

Metal Wire into Bonsai Trees

Do you really love the beauty of bonsai trees, but worry about caring for one? No fear, this wire artist Matthew Gollop has you covered. If you really fancy bonsai, this metal wire bonsai tree can surely win your heart. This kind of metal wire tree which Gollop created in his company, Metal Bonsai, is […]

Hotel in Bethlehem within Site of Separation Barrier

Perhaps when all those fancy, luxurious hotels you stayed in bored you enough, it’s time you try to stay at a hotel allowing you to see graffiti-strewn concrete from floor to ceiling. And for the exhibitionist among you, you can find within range of the army watchto.  

Food into Striking Sculptures

Food carving is really always awe inspiring. That’s really true especially when you pay attention to this Japanese food artist Gaku who always amazes everyone looking at how he plays to create his intricate food carvings.  

Beloved Pets as Cartoon-Inspired Tattoos

If you love your pets to be inked on your skin, this South Korean tattooist named Jiran is the one you are looking for. Like many animal tattoo artists, he often got commissioned to ink his clients with their beloved furry fellows. Check out what his tattoos are like. Quite amazing huh?

Beautiful Moon and Planet Lamps Can be in Your Homes Now

Want to see moon always shining from somewhere around your homes? Now you can do just that by purchasing that moon and bring it home with you, place it somewhere you wish your moon to give light to its surrounding. If you are interested, just pay a visit to Rome-based shop Pulsar Moonlight. For sure, Pulsar […]