Simon Strauss’s Mesmerizing Kirigami

I have been always been fascinated by the intricacy of paper cutting art, specifically kirigami or origamic architecture. Some of the artists that inspire me include Professor Masahiro Chatani, Ingrid Siliakus, and Hary & Deepti. With my background in architecture & product design, I wanted to create something beautiful and also practical, hence the lamp functionality

Doodle has Showing Kev Munday’s Effort and Energy

Drawing is a basic and primitive activity for human civilization, it’s really raw idea spread out in person mind. Doodle is an artwork when artist gave best effort to describe imagination like Kev Munday, he just flowing and keep moving just for digging his idea by paint and marker

Ultra Photograpic Art Work of Emily Copeland

Emily Copeland is a Canadian artist, specializing in realism. Mainly working with charcoal, she focuses on recreating objects on a larger scale. Realism and the act of mimesis are two artistic forms Copeland finds fascinating. She uses digital photography and Photoshop to first generate her images, as photos are always her preliminary approach and stimulus when it comes to creating something original

20 Best Art Photography of EyeEm Award

The best portraits bring a subject’s idiosyncrasies and expressions to life in a single snapshot. Whether looking directly into the lens, captured in their natural environments, or caught at a candid glance

Fun and Cheers Spread Out of The Town

American artist Tom Bob is running loose in the streets of New York, and let’s hope nobody catches him.
Using street “furniture” like poles or electrical terminals, Tom creates colorful and whimsical pieces that interact with their surroundings. From turning a sewer into a frying pan, to transforming gas meters into quirky lobsters, Tom Bob is making the city a much happier place for everybody

Peace and Environment Issue in His Art Work

This sculpture not just talk about environment, more then that, it’s about political and ideological issue. Alfie Radley already crossing boundaries and he never gave up to using his word spread out peace and creativity. We hope someday his artwork can be displaying at public space

Art Work of LinesLab, from Single Line to Complicated Pattern

“In my free time I teach my plotter bot ‘Karel’ to draw with a pen. This is one of his styles. The photo is first divided into small tiles and then Karel randomly selects a style for each tile. For each image Karel can have more than 5*10^158 different outcomes. This number is higher than the estimated number of atoms in the whole universe! Which means every drawing is essentially unique”.

Michelle Reader Created Sculpture and Installation from Scrap Material

“I love the unpredictability of found materials and enjoy the inventiveness necessary to transform them into a sculpture. I like to make work that is interactive and inviting, tactile and colorful. The joy of working with found materials is the unexpected uses that can be found for them. For instance, an umbrella and a bucket combining to form the trumpet of a daffodil, two old oil cans forming the basis of a wind turbine, or the internal workings of an alarm clock becoming a mechanism for a propeller” said Michelle at her site