Purpose of Art and Creativity for Save The Planet

If you’re a person like to fly, care about reduce, reuse and recycle issues, there’s a way to bring your home closer to the skies above and care environments. Some people and companies are salvaging old military and civilian aircraft parts to create lavish furniture that is probably is the definition of functional art(Monika)

Anatomy Thread Art Painting using Embroidery Technique

This is a real story about women who make all beautiful embroidery from her hospital room.
Until the first of many phases of extensive facial surgery to correct my Bells Palsy three years ago I’d never embroidered anything. It was during a hospital stay to insert one of my chest muscles into my left cheek that I realized I could marry up my love of hand sewing with my love of human anatomy and a hobby was born

3 cm x 3 cm Amazing Watercolor Miniature Painting

Hi, there! My name is Julia. I’m 31. I am an artist from Ukraine. I started to make watercolor miniatures about three years ago when I worked at the office all day and didn’t have enough time to create anything bigger. I grew fond of this process of putting an amount of details into so tiny space

Creativity and Mental Illness of Rich Mc Lean

“I am an artist who is also an illustrator, author, advocate, and also in my third year of my PhD doctoral Studies at Victoria University, Melbourne. I have also been diagnosed with schizophrenia.” Recovery from schizophrenia, or as I prefer to call it, ‘a psycho spiritual (sexual in my case), crisis’, it is likely and possible

Beautiful Dripping and Splashing Painting

Rejecting the paintbrush in favor of direct application with his hands, Sunaryo then moved on to industrial methods. In 2008, his impatience with the prolonged drying time of oil paint, further protracted by the layered density of his application, led him to experiment with pigmented resin, which has become his signature material

Amazing Graffiti Before Undercontruction

The team spent three weeks painting the interior of a student residence at the Cité Internationale Universitaire in Paris. The artists, who were invited as part of Rehab 2, an urban festival that ran from 16 June to 16 July, were given free reign to let their imaginations run wild before the space was opened to the general public

Art Historian and Cute Hedgehog

The Hedgehog is Princess Perdita Pricklepants, she was a very talented art historian and critic. Let her introduce you to some of the amazing milestones of Hedgehog art through the ages. For those who are interested in this fascinating field of art history

Anime Figure of Common Fast Food and Cafe

The digital artist from Philippines who goes by the name Ozumii Wizard has re-imagined different fast food mascots and turned them into awesome anime characters. From the mascots of KFC to McDonald’s to Starbucks – she’s drawn it all!

Symbolist Painting Today from ‘Tincanfish’ Art Work

‘Tincanfish’ is an artist who did make these painting, the artist using Symbolist genre to describe idea and image of dreams and fantasy.”I allow myself to remember thought processes that I had as a child when everything was more mysterious, unlimited, and often frightening. When a child has the time and freedom to go into their self-constructed worlds, fascinating things come about.”