Insect in High End Bamboo Craft

>Wood and bamboo have had a place in Japanese art and history since the beginning; Japanese carpentry has a long tradition. Secular and religious buildings were made out of this material as well as items used in the household—normally dishes and boxes. Bamboo is a common material in Asia, and Noriyuki Saitoh bring a fresh and magnificent perspective for bamboo craft

Popular Scene and Figure in Halloween Pumpkin

Today pumpkin head in Halloween not horror anymore, because Alex Wer, also known as The Pumpkin Geek is the king of pumpkin art shifting art craft in pumpkin to the next level . He started his “orange empire” during the Halloween of 2009 when his wife asked him if he could carve her company logo into a pumpkin

Tom Lewis Transformation Art Works

Tom Lewis is a premium degree pencil wizard, and mouse master of the first order. Born in Birmingham in 1979, his studio is currently on an industrial estate in Tottenham, perhaps one of the most beautiful and visually inspiring places on earth

Bamboo Figure Sculpture

The artist says, “Through the repetition of the human form, the subtle characteristics of each environment will emerge naturally and visually. This body of work is ultimately a celebration of the diversity of place and also a homage to the similarities that underlie all things at their core.”

IT Clown Transformation and Halloween Make Up Trends

Talented body painting artists are inspired by the dramatic, gruesome appearance of Stephen King’s character and have transformed themselves into faithful recreations of it. Depending on their skill and artistic vision, the complexity of their makeup application varies

Minimalist Art Movement Poster

France-based graphic designer Outmane Amahou created this clever series as a way to visually document the history of art in a unique set of minimalist posters. The series, entitled Minimalist Art Movement Posters, features single shapes and solid blocks of color to portray the Renaissance, Expressionism, Surrealism, Dadaism, and Abstract art, to name a few

Fantasy Angelic Fairies in Wire Sculpture

One of great sculptor artist is Robin Wight inspired by an inexplicable real life encounter, these stainless wire sculptures make the perfect statement piece for the bottom of any garden. In 2010 while mending a fence, he twisted some old wire together to throw away and thought, “I bet you could use fence wire to make a sculpture

Taiichiro Yoshida Great Module Assemblies Sculptor

In Japan, the ancient craft of decorative hot metalworking began sometime during the fourth century, and it’s a skill that has been passed down through generations of craftsman. The process involves carefully beating the hot metal into a malleable medium that can then be moulded into intricate motifs

High End Paper Cutting Art in Construction and Details

ujana is one of stand out artist in paper cutting art, her art work totally sharp, neat and clean delivered in detailing, texture and construction is the best part of her art work. In art work business, her passion gave space for expression and spread out the product

Sustainable Art Sculptures of Peasant Heritage

One of great event in International sculptures festival is Wara Festival at Japan. The festival’s organizers are celebrating the occasion by making the already immense sculptures twice as big! The sculptures are so huge they need special wooden frames for greater stability