Back Tattoos Can Shiver down Your Spine

Have you seen gorgeous designs of spine tattoos? Has it ever crossed your mind to really etch you back with this stunning design? Actually, spine tattoos are not only elegant but they are also unique in their looks. Check them out as they are designed by various tattooists.

Having a design to go down the center of someone’s back makes this kind of tattoos look naturally simple, especially if it’s the only tattoo on the person’s back.

Looking at how amazing this tattoo is doesn’t necessarily go along with the joy that you gain. The truth about spine tattoo is that it is meant particularly for other people to enjoy not the owner, especially during the process of inking such tattoos to you skin.

The fact is that spine tattoos are known to be the most painful job — in fact, you will scratch one of the most painful location to receive a tattoo on the body. The pain can be absolutely unbearable because you etch the area where there is a very thin layer of skin which cover your backbone.

But don’t get scared! Hope these beautiful photos of spine tattoos will ease up your fright and inspire you to get one.

#1. Plants


For you plants aficionado, try get a botanical tattoo. It’s so absolutely amazing. You can choose leaves, vines, or any type of plants to decorate your spine.

#2. Linear Patterns


It will only make a lot of sense if you pick the design full of linear patterns. They certainly will look gorgeous on your spine. Commonly a spine is often associated with a vertical line.

#3. Chakras


Hinduism believes that Chakras are their spiritual powers. Amongst yoga fanatics these symbols are particularly popular as they represent the centers in a body where energy comes up.

#4. Sacred Geometry Design


There’s nothing can beat symmetrical lines in terms of beauty when it comes the right tattoos to perch on your spine.

#5. Dotted Diamonds


As the old saying goes, when in doubt, take a simple route. Hopefully these diamonds are simple enough but since there are dots, simply elegant is maybe the right way to call such design.

Source: Life Buzz, Spine TattoosWebsite