33 Years to Build Epic Palace

If you travel to France, there seems to be an endless story of being amazed with mesmerizing beauty of extraordinary architecture. Some people would say that France is chock-full of palaces, but among those grandeur, there is this one Palais Ideal which really stands out above the rest as a work of art and devotion. Just check this out.

The amazing thing about such a stately mansion is that this particular building was constructed by a French postman, Ferdinand Cheval, who had no formal architectural or artistic training whatsoever.He spent 33 years to complete this extraordinary building because he had to collect all the oddly-shaped rocks that he found along his mail route and had to cement them together in order to become this artistic structure.Actually, he began constructing the palace in 1879 and was only completed in 1912. It took him so long because Cheval had to carry with him a wheelbarrow so that he could collect every strange rocks and pebbles he could find along the way.