3D Lego Street Art Terracota Army Sculptures

What comes in your mind seeing this? Pottery clay art piece? Lego city? The Read Army from one of the Chinese’s Emperor?


Yes, indeed. The idea was adopted from Army Sculpture of Chinese Emperor Qin Shi Huang. And yes, they are replaced by the Lego characters. But no, these are not pottery clay nor terracotta sculpture. These are actually a 3D chalk drawing made by Dutch artist, Leon Keer. He created these remarkable figures for the 4th Sarasota Chalk Festival in Florida, US.

3d_lego_art1 3d_lego_art2 3d_lego_art3 3d_lego_art4

Source : http://www.inspirefusion.com/3d-lego-street-art-terracota-army-sculptures/

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