3D-Prints of Shells of City Shape

Aki Inomata is a Japanese artist who can do anything to create a brilliant architectural art project by making good use of anything and be partnered with hermit crabs. By using a 3D printer he designed a clear plastic shell working as cities to accommodate those hermit crab residents that seem to promptly inhabit such a vast space. Just check them out.

Normally the Hermit crabs will look out for the vacated snail shells and begin to inhabit there, but in their absence, such crabs have been known to inhabit pieces of wood, stone or plastic. With Inomata’s ingenuity, those crab residents’ “partnership” with him can become more intense.To make this partnership get more interesting, Inomata provided them with tiny works of art to carry on their backs, instead of their pretty much usual shells. He even made some kind like oath for his series which he aptly entitled, “Why Not Hand Over a ‘Shelter’ to Hermit Crabs?”If you just check out these pics, you will get to see how Inomata created those shells and how he moved the hermit crabs in to their new homes.
Source : Bored Panda