4 Years to Grow a Church from Trees

There is something unusual in Brian Cox’s backyard. In this New Zealander’s backyard grows a quite big enchantingly beautiful live-tree church. When you are curious of how much time he spent to grow this tree so that he can make it into a church, it took him 4 years to build up this church. Just check out how it looks.

Just in case you want to follow his foot step in creating the same tree-church, first of all, Cox carefully selected some particular trees out of a wide variety of them in order to match his church. Like some trunks which have color of stones which he uses them as the church’s wall, and there can be sparse foliage where he always makes sure that sunlight will always illuminate this tree-church.He can realize his obsession all due to his own gardening company called Treelocations. With his experience and expertise, he is able to replant whole, live trees using big-sized mechanized spades.His mechanized spades for sure allow him to plant live trees in any way he wanted. But may be the job was not that easy. It can be understood from how much time he needed in order to complete his tree-church. And since an iron frame is required for its supports, it barely took him 4 years to make his church can really stand.