Cool Animal Sculptures Made from Wires

Ever seen animal sculptures made from wires? Both winged and four-legged creatures in Candice Bees’ hands look very much alive still with those graceful movements. So subtle and natural her creations are that she earns what many artists really want, she won the 2016 David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year in the Urban Wildlife category.


Since the beginning of her sculptural journey, Bees decided to quit her job and pursue art full time because she believes that art is her life. She made the right decision as in the short time she could finish sculptures that will make many people adore her work.


Still she finds two dimensions hampering her creative spirit. She said, “Since finding wire as a medium, I cannot keep up with my brain!”


It took almost two years for her to finish her wire sculptures, and that she still continues to push the limits, because she wants to find out about what this material can do. she would gather those wires and bind them to resemble sketched marks she made with a pen or pencil.