Voyeuristic Paintings; Being Lost in The Beauty of Fine Arts

What makes this Karin Jurick’s art work interesting is that her paintings do not only depict particular objects but she also always includes patrons standing observing a painting. It becomes her only trademark that including someone watching a painting on an exhibition is one package in her paintings.


Before she starts painting, Jurick would observe some patrons from afar as they attentively look at iconic paintings, then she would capture this moment with her camera. She then starts painting both the people and the pieces as taken in her photographs for her voyeuristic series called Museum patrons.


Her idea is that actually she wanted to recreate the world most famous paintings such as The Kiss by Gustav Klimt and Starry Nights by Vincent van Gough.


As she did the paintings, she paid attention to details; both those precious works as well as the passersby included are treated the same way.