Some Highlights during Beakerhead Festival in Calgary

If you are a type of person who loves innovative creativity of different fields, make an effort to come to Calgary. Each year they hold interactive extravaganza which becomes an epicenter of the convergence of science, engineering and art. The citywide event which is known as Beakerhead highlighting the intersections of innovative creativity will last for five days.


This year the event takes place from September 14 – 18, 2016 where you can enjoy assortments of energetic events, visually stimulating celebrations, gregarious gatherings, exhilarating performances and more fun activities.


Beakerhead is organizing a progressive program in education and information through entertainment. The mission is to motivate ingenuity; to involve the public in science, engineering, and art; To generate no more barriers between people and sectors; to give inspiration to upcoming workforce; to build stronger economy; and the most importantly, to learn by doing.


Due to many awesome events going on during the five days, below are some which are exceptional from the rest. Viewing Beakerhead’s full 2016 calendar is also possible on their website.