Beautiful Beach Scenes in Oil Paintings

At a glance this artist’s piece is like snapshots through unfocused camera lenses. But in fact they are merely paintings. Philip Barlow does his paintings with rich strokes of oil paint to render his style avoiding inconsequential compositional details to get accentuated ambience, blurring the scenes into soft smears of color while enhancing crisp, sparkling circles from each spot.


He carries less the shore but rather more the quieted memory of it—the unadulterated pith of its sensations, from the dimness of moistness to the shivered touch of the salty breeze, constantly moving with the tides.


About his technique, Barlow says, ““Although I work within a long tradition of landscape painting, my depiction of the ‘seen’ landscape is simply a vehicle through which I navigate territory of another nature. A landscape less ordinary; where the line between the physical and the spiritual realm has seemingly been removed.”


Barlow actually doesn’t want to contort real settings to surreal reimaginings, but instead he only represents true scenes that seem familiar and convincingly real, despite their abstraction.