When a Cartoon Challenges His Maker

As many people began to like a character in cartoon being smooshed and punched to the corner of a paper page, Alex Solis seems happy to keep the character around. Maybe for those who enjoy this kind of cartoon do not think that punching the character is not meant for hurting him physically. What the character is going through is not considered getting an act of violence, rather it is just an expression of being intimidated by his superior.   


This cartoon character with all its engagements is called Inkeraction, it didn’t start out as a series. Alex says, “I have a good plan for the ending of it but since people keep liking it I think I will extend it a bit and not end it for a while. Since I kept messing with him, it only felt right that he would eventually fight back.”


Alex pulls out all the stop, notwithstanding using a lighter to battle the character! As he states, “Trying to finally get rid of this guy, but he was able to stop the fire – guess it’s not over yet!”


There is a chance when a character is going one-on-one with the artist for his new series. It’s interesting to see how the boy uses his knife to stab at the artist or the character.is fighting back as he clamps his teeth down onto the artist’s thumb.