Alex Romel’s Surreal Digital Sky Paintings

If you are looking for fascinating digital paintings of natural beauty, five new collections of My Modern Shop by Alex Romel will make your best choice. Romel is an expert at creating digital paintings of skyscapes, showing us the magical beauty of the skies. When you view this majestic creation, you will feel as if you were transported to another world filled with swooping clouds and majestic colors.


Alex Rommel is a 25-year-old Siberia, Russia-born but now he lives in Germany. About his work, people seem to be enchanted in his collection where he creates fantastic digital paintings that showcase the wonder and beauty of nature.


My Modern Shop now offers you to purchase these works in either print or canvas. Alex Romel’s two previous works, Far in the North and On the Shore in the Sky are altogether combined in one package.

Above: Violent Elements

Source: My Moder Met, Alex Romel, Instagram