Colorful Sketchy Kind of Tattoos

More valuable info for you, true tattoo lover. Vesna Tattoo, a Portuguese tattooist who is the co-founder of Minimal Ink, the tattoo studio in Oporto, Portugal has worked like a creative agency as to collect concepts, ideas and briefings from his clients to get more inputs as to create more unique, chaotic, colorful and impressive illustrations for his designs.


He tries to make his tattoos original and are all unique and as expressive as possible, designed especially for each client.


Vesna Tattoo has been in tattooing business for quite a long time. He started to work as an illustrator in an advertising agency in Lisbon soon after graduation. He also had worked freelance for several international famous brands like Diesel, Discovery channel magazine and women’s health Australia.


His life seemed to come to the next level as there was a female tattoo artist who was interested in his talent. She asked to join her where she taught him everything about tattoos. She believed that he would be a successful tattoo artist. And she was right, he began to grow his capacity in tattooing with which he did best and he kept his original work that compares to no one.