Beautiful Art for My Music Instruments

Hi everyone. My name is Salty Hippie. I live in Sydney, Australia. I’m an artist and I paint instruments such as drums tambourines, ukuleles and guitars. One day, I want to paint a banjo but I need to save up. I also paint ornaments and little statues. In addition, I occasionally paint on paper as well. 


The thing that I enjoy doing was my last big project. I just finished with my work of art of a laughing Buddha statue. The project took me about a month to finish the painting job.


I love bright colors like the sea and the stars and the galaxies. I love music that’s why I turn instruments into canvases.


Actually, I’m not a writer so I don’t want to bother you with my long explanations that maybe cause your pain. Rather than to keep talking about myself, I just want you to directly check out my work. I really hope you like my artwork. Thanking you for your effort to look and visit this site.

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