Hermes’ Stylish Fox’s Den

Hermes, the world famous brand, was attracted to hire Lucie Thomas and Thibault Zimmermann to create a unique window display for their new store in Barcelona. The two artists who are France-based have set up a studio called Zim&Zou where they create their stunning masterpieces. And it so happens that Hermes has already known these two graphic designers for their exquisitely crafted paper sculptures.


That’s what makes Hermes not too fussy as to give detailed instructions on what Hermes really wanted. Instead, Hermès just asked the duo to come up with three ideas to choose from. Like what Zimmermann said, “We didn’t have a precise brief, as this was a carte blanche, so we had a lot of creative freedom, which was very much appreciated.”


Amazingly enough, Hermes finally decided to choose the idea that Zim&Zou also loved the most which was called The Fox’s Den.


Zim&Zou then created their one-of-a-kind piece using only paper and leather for over a month and a half. For the fox sculpture, they made it from Hermès’ leather remnants. It took them two weeks to complete.