Unbelievable Photorealistic Drawings

Look carefully at Lee’s drawings and be prepared to get lost in all of their small, stunning intricacies as her photorealism also presents a challenge. That’s Monica Lee’s work, which clearly shows that she enjoys trying to depict as many details as possible.


Lee was a digital artist for 12 years. After that, she switched to an analog kind of work. Now, she uses pencil to make intricate portraits of people, animals, and any living-beings.


Lee applies mixed tools like smudging sticks to create illusion of a 3D shape. The results come as very nice work with good sense of balance. They are amazing photorealistic images that even details like blurry freckles, shaggy beard hair, and the refined texture of a shirt can still be easily seen.


She normally takes the time to combine her soft kind of color and diffused grays as well. But above all she would focus on her very tangible patterns.