Immense Murals Inspired by Sellers

Faith47 is an internationally acclaimed street artist who is now living in Cape Town, South Africa. She is married to the famous Chinese street artist Dal. Faith47 is known to be among the most politically engaged artists who defend people’s rights.


This year, Faith47 was invited to take part in the 25th World Congress on Architecture in Durban, South Africa.


Related with the cultural aspect, she just finished three of six planned pieces (the last three to be done in August). It supposed to cover supporting columns below a main overpass near the Early Morning Market in Warwick.


For her Warwick triangle is always busy and chaotic. So many don’t have enough gut to visit the area. However, she has dedicated her beautiful art there, right at the very spot as a gift for those who venture working and trading in the area. Her gigantic and very much spectacular murals are inspired by actual traders, with attractive styles and textures in the background.