Everyday Objects Into Playful Doodles

Vincent Bal is a Belgian filmmaker who happens to find doodling very entertaining and quite a compelling activity to kill time while waiting between his filming job. And now maybe he has created more fanciful doodles than feature films along his movie making career. So, it’s not too much to call him a doodle artist rather than a filmmaker.

In order to create his doodles, he would use a variety of objects so that he can find a form within the shadow cast. And with his sketching talent, he deftly takes his pen to fill in what’s missing.

He made his sketches light and upbeat but as they move along, they are playing with both the negative and positive space of the shadows. It seems that his quick doodles are mingling with the shadows quite well that they have become an unexpected creative outlet. But actually what he did in the beginning was just to combine his love for comic strips with a bit of creativity.

Because Bal has very keen eye as a filmmaker which apparently comes into play, he’s able to work out the perfect character to fit within the shadow. Just check out his work such as thieves sneaking away from the scene of the crime or fantastical monsters emerging from a leaf. Maybe what made him possible to create all these because he can stretch his creative muscle.