A Complete Alphabet of Flora And Fauna

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A Complete Alphabet of Flora And Fauna

Hi. I’m a French illustrator. My name is Valerie Hugo. My specialty is wall painting and silkscreen printing. And my latest project was that I had my solo exhibition at Slow Gallery where I created a complete alphabet featuring some plants and animals.

I deliberately made the alphabet starting from A to Z to have various shapes of flowers, sea animals, birds, and even felines.

I created silkscreen prints to combine with my love of nature in my studio. And I have to admit that I got my inspiration from shamanic myths and Japanese kind of look.

I made the alphabet so that people can write the partitions that describe something about them. And they are free to choose whether they want to have a mantra, words or even a letter for their homes.

When I drew the last letter, I was thinking about the community where I used to flock at Atelier 29. I happened to create with them several wall paintings with lots of flowers.

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