A Galaxy-Inspired Wedding Cake

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A Galaxy-Inspired Wedding Cake

For some creative artists, food can work as a delicious and unconventional canvas for their incredible art. Just check out what this creative Darling Delights bakery has done to their cupcakes. They are not only enticingly delicious but those cupcakes are stunning in their looks.

The owner of Darling Delights bakery named Skizorbit has recently created a set of cake and cupcakes that would attract the food world.

How she could get to this creation, originally a friend of hers has requested her to bake something different like a galaxy-themed dessert for a wedding. Then she agreed and delivered those cakes with these vibrant confections that showcase the magic of the stars.

When Skizorbit first posted her creations to Reddit, people were quickly staring at those amazing surface decoration. They asked lots of questions on the process and how she could end up with those beautiful pieces. As a matter of fact, in order to make this colorful, multifaceted effect, a special painting tool was then used during the process.

She once said, “I covered the cake with white fondant and the cupcakes with white icing. Then I airbrushed the gradient and colors on the cupcakes. The tiny houses were made out of fondant and the “stars” were splattered with a “cheap dollar store toothbrush.”

For you Darling Delights enthusiasts, shipment on their cookies is now being offered. (including the galaxy themed). But if you live in Columbus, Ohio, just give it a call and get it delivered to your door. Enjoy this special cake.

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