A New Zealander Creates Bird Sculptures to Honor Them

Rex Homan, a New Zealand-based sculptor has had a long career as a his work first gained traction in the 1960s and 1970s. Since then he’s been influenced by the “culture of the Pacific” and with a commitment to dramatic lines and diverse, yet equally stylized, forms, he displays this wide-ranging inspiration. He respects the tastefulness of our feathered companions through his broad arrangement of models.


His precisely created pieces, which frequently include the combination of various woods, show the elegant developments of birds—their extensive wing ranges, stoic positions, and easy plunges. Every creature incorporates shading blocked timber with some painted components highlighting their characterizing attributes. This tender loving care showcases exactly what number of extraordinary types of feathered creatures exist in our reality.


Homan has made an impressive collection of birds, represented by the Spirit Wrestler Gallery in Vancouver. Check out for more of his nearly 200 works on their website.

Source: My Modern Met, Rex Homan, Instagram