A Shadow Doodler, Belgian Filmmaker’s Side Job

By adding some lines to a shadow, wonderful looking figures come to form. That is what I am doing now, a doodler artist, apart from my other profession.

belgian filmmaker01

The story began when I was working on a movie script, I discovered that the shadow of my teacup made a nice figure on a piece of paper. Interested, I added to it some lines; somehow it looked like an elephant. Then I took a photo of it and uploaded it on my Facebook wall. Soon, to my surprise, it was shared and got too many Likes I never had. Since then, I began to post more doodles, sometimes with objects but more often with shadows linked to trivial punch lines.

belgian filmmaker03

People seem to like my doodles, so I think it will be great if I can start a business out of them. Then I began to make postcards and sell them on line. Perhaps I can write books about how to make creative doodles very soon.

belgian filmmaker05

I love the idea since producing doodles doesn’t take as much time as it is directing movies, only less than half an hour can create an interesting shadow doodle compared to making one single feature movie which can take eight years to finish until launching it. (It’s no kidding that the opening night for my new movie will be in 2019). Actually, I am always into drawings, my pastime ever since I was a kid. Then, I wanted to be a comic strip maker, being so much inspired by Lucky Luke or Tin Tin comic books as they originate from my homeland, Belgium. But as to my education in movie making, my fate makes me a movie director.

belgian filmmaker09

Have a look at my shadow doodles coming with different titles. They certainly are pieces of work which are not so time consuming, not to mention the money to spend on the job compared to movie making.

belgian filmmaker14

Even so, I am still doing a movie, but thinking of becoming a shadow doodler for a living is no delusion. Besides, making shadow doodles means we are free from typical job commitment.  I love the idea of freedom and I like it when there are no restrictions. All I do is just look at the shadow, follow my senses and see if I can sketch to make any life-like objects out of the shadows.

Source: Bored Panda, Instagram, Facebook

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