A Stunning Translucent Figurative Sculpture

Alessandra Rossi is a Freemantle-based Italian sculptor who is behind this mesmerizing artwork of a girl with downcast eyes created for the Sculpture by the Sea festival at the Australian coastline.

The festival itself is now in its twentieth year where more than 100 sculptures are being displayed along the coastline of Australia stretching from Tamarama to Bondi.

About Rosi’s sculpture, she named her translucent artwork Untitled Coral which she made camouflaged well against the coastline. It is not only pleasing but also seems to be aesthetically significant in its appearance.

She utilized the 3D technology of printing to make such figure. Composed of translucent material, her young girl sculpture drains of its color as it moves upward. Therefore, the young girl looks very smooth at a distance, but as you go closer, you will see clearly that its edges are really sharp and pixelated.

Even though from afar, you won’t deny that the girl appears to be a sweet kid, her identity will be revealed as you come closer where you will find the youthful figure is nothing but a transformation of menacing robotic figure. Thanks to Rosi’s advanced 3D printing approach that can warp the sculpture true identity.