A Touch of Digital Collage with Photoshop Makes It Seem Like a Moving Image

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A Touch of Digital Collage with Photoshop Makes It Seem Like a Moving Image

Beautiful digital art can trick your eyes into moving the image you see

Digital technology is now used in various media, including digital art. Many media use it and one of the most popular examples is Photoshop. By using digital art, the images we see become more attractive.

Valentin Pavageau is a collage artist who was born in France in 1990 and lives in Brussels, Belgium. He creates a digital collage combined with illustrations using Photoshop. With his touch, he creates extraordinary works that are then uploaded on Instagram . He also admired Howie Wonder and Phibstuff as artists who were in the same field.

"I started eight years ago if I remember well but in a different style. Then I had a hiatus in my practice until two years ago. Then I started to post new creations on the social network, and at the same time discovered many great artists in this field which inspired me and renewed my love for collage" he said.



He also added "It’s called a digital collage because made in photoshop but it's not only collage per se because most of the time I create the background from scratch. So the background part is a work of illustration, Mixed with actual photo cutouts (for the characters)".



















Interested in collage art? You can see other works on his Instagram .

Image source, and credits: Valentin Pavageau


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