A Very Unique Kind of Tattoo

There are actually many tattoo artists with irreplaceable creations, but this Eva Krbdk is really unique. This tattoo artist really goes against the norms as to create eye-catching kinds of tattoos by combining body art and craft like x-shape stiches for her distinctive design.


Anything she etched on her clients’ skin, be it portraits or sceneries are composed of small x-shape patterns. This will be her tattoos’ trademark which often makes many people got impressed with the intricate at the same time very adorable designs.


Unlike any typical tattoo, Krbdk doesn’t include dark outlines in her images. Instead she employs only colors and shape to imply form.


Her designs look very simple but actually if you look closely, you will see some complicated compositions, as she has done to her permanently inked portraits of Darth Vander and Marilyn Monroe besides those cute animals and also colorful flowers.


Her technique is to merge two different kinds of art while using needles as essential tools. As in her selections, you can see her work in various styles of watercolor, pixilation and stippling.

Source: My Modern Met, Eva Krbdk, Instagram






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