Abandoned Art Saxon School into a Beautiful Guesthouse

If you happen to be in Europe, come and visit Romania. Tourism in the country has a lot to tell about old stuff like antiques, art nouveau stuff, old buildings and so on. And talking about places, among the so many places in Romania, there is this abandoned Saxon school located in the middle of a beautiful picturesque mountains in the south of Transylvania will relate an interesting story. The abandoned old school building is now turned into a beautiful guesthouse. Just check out its rooms and parts of the old house which are now looking very much modern.

In a small charming village in the south of Transylvania with gorgeous mountains nearby, all seems idyllic except for the abandoned Saxon School. This is how the story began a few years ago when a lovely couple decided to purchase the former school. They restored it and eventually turn it into a guesthouse, beautiful one

Actually, it was the famous Saxon architect Fritz Balthes who built  the school in 1910 in the form of Art Nouveau style. But since the collapse of communism, the school became ruined and ended up being the village dump ground due to the mass emigration of the Saxons back to Germany.

And In 2008 the former school was sold and this couple bought it only to renovate to become a guesthouse. About the couple, the woman is originally a Saxon from the village but as for the man, he is German born. They decide to transform the once jewel of the Saxon community into a charming guesthouse with a pretty nice model for tourism in Romania.