Photographer Shares 'Intimate' Underwater Maternity Shoot...And The Pictures Do The Talking!

Photographer Shares 'Intimate' Underwater Maternity Shoot...And The Pictures Do The Talking!

Adam Opris is clearly an artist with purpose. These pictures will reinstill your faith in love, and the magical aura around it!

Adam Opris is a Florida based photographer who specializes in lifestyle and wedding photography. This time around, he decided to create a meaningful series where he shot new moms-to-be. He combined this wonderful subject with his love for the oceans, which resulted in the most beautiful underwater maternity photo series you would have ever witnessed in your life. Opris has created various other albums centering around the beauty of the underwater world. To explore the magical realms of his work, you can check out his website.

1. The water baby


Everything is so quiet down here.

2. An angel in disguise


She looks so beautiful with all that glow.

3. The one you can count on


He'll always be there for you.

4. Old is the new gold


She rocked the vintage look!

5. I'm falling


The magical world of water. 

6. Serenity


Did you find your solace yet?

7. Head held high


The prettiest creature in town!

8. You're my sunshine


Catching some sun on my way.

9. We found a mermaid!


Isn't she charming?

10. Breakfree 


You can be whoever you want to be.

11. This looks fun


They had the time of their lives.

12. True love


If this isn't love, I don't know what is!

13. Mesmerizing!


She's is the prettiest of them all.

14. Words cannot describe the excellence


We agree!

15. Our pride


The kid is so lucky!

16. Live in this moment


Time waits for no one.

17. Swim towards the light


Here all your problems shall disappear.

18. The wildflower


Spread across in its beauty.

19. Touch


Meet these perfect strangers turned partners.

20. Rejoice


The gift of mother nature.

21. You are a princess


No one can take this moment away from you.

22. The perfect kiss


This means the world to her.

23. The little mermaid


She is breathtakingly beautiful!

24. The beauty of this flower


She looks so happy and calm.

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