Adorable And Cute Minimalist Tattoos! Created By Ayhan Karadağ

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Adorable And Cute Minimalist Tattoos! Created By Ayhan Karadağ

Throughout his life, Ayhan Karadağ experimented with many forms of art – he even created handmade ancient Greek musical instruments at one point! Eventually, he realized that the material he likes to work with the most is human skin. “While making art, I realized that a person’s body is the most valuable material and that I want to make people happy when they look at my work on their bodies…” explains the artist. “I don’t think there’s anything more gratifying than carrying the fairytale design that one imagines in his body all his life.”

Ayhan is a tattoo artist who creates adorable minimalist tattoos that almost look like illustrations from The Little Prince. He has been drawing since he was 11 years old and says there hasn’t been a moment in his life when he didn’t want to do it. “I gave up so much for it,” says the artist. “I believe that art is my fun, my culture, my lover, my ritual, my everything.”

In his work, the tattoo artist loves to tell fairytale stories intertwined with nature and animals, and stories depicting the times when we were children. “I’m passionate about nature and animals because I believe that the more dependent we are on nature, the more free we are as individuals…” says Ayhan.

The artist is currently drawing a fairytale book but says he can’t finish it yet due to the intensity of his tattoo work. He has already tattooed some of the illustrations on people and the tattoos look absolutely adorable – check them out below!

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